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Sno-Kone Machine
Cool off with a nice frosty Sno-cone.

We will provide Sno-Kone machine and easy to use instructions that will have you creating Sno-Cones in no time! We have your choice of Blue Raspberry or Wild Cherry in stock. For adult parties, we also have Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri flavors.

Be sure to select your flavor at time of order. You can order supplies for an extra charge. All you need to do is provide the ice! We suggest a bag of ice for every 30 cones.

Fresh Spun Cotton Candy with Machine
  • Includes Staff
  • Includes all supplies
    Fresh Spun Cotton Candy Bagged
  • Delivery/St. John's Metro Region

  • Fresh Made Popcorn and Machine
  • Includes corn, oil and butter
  • Includes serving bags
  • Customer operated

    Add Popcorn Machine rental with an inflatable

    Fresh Popcorn Boxed
  • Delivery/St. John's Metro Region
  • Free Delivery with rental of any equipment